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Best JEE entrance coaching Center in Kerala

Zephyr Aptitude Test (ZAT): The Road To Your Future

Are you a 10th grade student at the crossroads of deciding what your future will look like? Zephyr has the perfect solution to ease your worries. The Zephyr Aptitude Test (ZAT) is an exclusive opportunity for students in 10th grade to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

  ZAT is a scientifically proven aptitude test that acts as a gateway to discovering the hidden talents, strong points, and potential of students for a successful future. At Zephyr, we believe that every young mind in India has great potential waiting to be unleashed. With the help of ZAT, we aim to identify unique capabilities to ignite and channel the passion of our students.

  Zephyr also assures attractive awards and scholarships for the top performers of ZAT, including an exciting opportunity to avail 100% scholarship on tuition fees at Zephyr and cash prizes up to Rs. 50,000. Apart from the scholarships, 1500 toppers are offered the chance to participate in free offline inspire workshops and individual mentoring for all the students by eminent psychologists. And 500 toppers can attend free online coaching for Olympiads and board exams, career guidance, and motivational sessions.

  ZAT follows a very comprehensive syllabus focusing on conceptual understanding of the core subjects. Zephyr believes in uncompromised accessibility, and to realize this principle, ZAT test centers are set up throughout Kerala.

  ZAT is not just an aptitude test; it's a stepping stone to secure coveted seats at top colleges through competitive exams like NEET and JEE Mains. By identifying strengths and interests, a student will be better equipped to make an informed decision with respect to their future. In a world that promises unlimited possibilities, ZAT acts as the compass that guides you to a future that is brimming with opportunities for self-growth and success.

  Register for the ZAT exam now to get one step closer to your dream future!

Contact No: Trivandrum: 9645474080
Kollam: 04742743–040
Ernakulam: 9074 761 464
Aluva: 8137 943 040
Angamali: 8589 023 760
Kaladi: 7306 190 671
Tirur (Malappuram): 8137–933–040
Website: https://zephyrentrance.in/
Email ID: zephyrtvm@gmail.com