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Unlock the path to success with ZEOTS

Unlock the path to success with ZEOTS

Are you an aspirant looking to ace competitive exams like NEET, JEE Main, or KEAM?

Zephyr recognizes the unique challenges that students preparing for entrance exams face. With Zephyr's Entrance-Oriented Test Series (ZEOTS), we equip students to tackle even the most challenging exams effortlessly by focusing on consistent practice and timely routine assessment.

  ZEOTS is designed to provide a comprehensive routine for the students, focusing on improvement and assessment over the course of 20–30 tests meticulously scheduled as part of the series. ZEOTS folows two models of exams, NEET model, and JEE Main model, catering to the unique challenges faced by aspirants of both the exams. 

The test series offers you real-time stimulation of the real deal, enabling students to adjust and identify crucial aspects that need improvement. Apart from the benefit of an accurate simulation for students, ZEOTS also follows through with authenticity by adopting an OMR-based evaluation reflecting the actual criteria for assessment and marking.  

Zephyr also ensures a swift and hassle-free result declaration process. Without banking on the anticipation of students or parents, we commit to releasing the results of the exam the very next day after attending it. Parents will also be kept in the loop via SMS notification. Our transparent and quick result declaration also empowers students to make timely decisions to optimize their study strategy. ZEOTS offers tests that are tailored for the prominent entrance exams in India by crafting question papers that perfectly align with the actual exam pattern and syllabus as prescribed.
With ZEOTS, you can naturally develop a habit of regular practice by gaining access to a trusted test series specially designed to set you on the path to improvement through continuous learning and strategizing. Our well-structured test series also inspires commitment to the exams and confidence to perform. Over all, ZEOTS by Zephyr is a comprehensive, reliable, and well-structured test series that aims to refine your skills and help you achieve your goals.
Let's embark on this journey to academic excellence together. Register for ZEOTS today to unlock your true potential and transform your dreams into reality!

Contact No: Trivandrum: 9645474080
Kollam: 04742743–040
Ernakulam: 9074 761 464
Aluva: 8137 943 040
Angamali: 8589 023 760
Kaladi: 7306 190 671
Tirur (Malappuram): 8137–933–040
Website: https://zephyrentrance.in/
Email ID: zephyrtvm@gmail.com